Hello, my name is Paola. I'm from Puerto Rico and I absolutely adore Florence and the Machine.

"When you're heartbroken, you're at your most creative - you have to channel all your energies into something else to not think about it. Contentment is a creativity killer, but don't worry - I'm very capable of making myself discontented."- Florence Welch.

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Flo crowd surfing with Este at a HAIM gig in London [12.10.13]

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I was looking for a breath of life

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' umm…WHAT? '

Florence Welch dancing at Glastonbury 2014

“ If you sing something with enough passion and emotion, you can turn anything into a song.”— Florence Welch

Floflo is amazed :)


Song of the day.

This intro is only one minute and twenty one seconds long and it makes me so MAD because I want it to last forever because it sounds so pretty and delicate like i want to dive into this song and swim in it if that makes any sense. 

Also, it’s perfect to fall asleep to, walk in the city with the bright light from the sun beaming down at you or just right now. :D

Thursday, 3 July 2,195 Plays

Florence + the Machine (Glastonbury 2009)



Imagine your icon gets drunk and unleashes a secret inner talent as a super fantastic strip dancer 



Orange Warsaw Festival